On the Margin, 2008 - 2011

Mary Mattingly Aqua 2000 Mary Mattingly Titan Mattingly Border
Aqua 2000 Water Filling Station, 2010 Backpack, Immigration Route, 2008 Titan Missile Silo, 2010 Shorts, Immigration Route, 2008
Mattingly Border Mary Mattingly mary mattingly Mattingly Border
Sheet, Immigraiton Route, 2008 On the Margin, 2008 Colorado River Heading South, 2010 Socks, Beer, on the Margin, 2009
Mary Mattingly Mary Mattingly Border Mary Mattingly Mary Mattingly
Air Ship Arecibo City, 2010 On the Margin, 2009 New Topographies, 2010 New Topographies, 2009
Mary Mattingly mary mattingly Mary Mattingly Robert Bigelow Mary Mattingly
New Topographies, 2011 On the Margin, Mexico/USA, 2009 Bigelow Aerospace, New Topographies Fissure, New Topographies, 2008



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