Swale is a public floating food forest in New York City on a barge, founded by Mary Mattingly to assert food as a commons. People can visit Swale to pick fresh food for free. Rare Earth Elements is a photographic series, part of a larger series Blockades, Boulders, Weights by Mary Mattingly.
Swale, ongoing Because for Now We Still Have Poetry, 2018 Along the Lines of Displacement, 2018 Elements, 2015
Wading Bridge is a project by Mary Mattingly in Des Moines on the Raccoon River. Pull is a sculptural ecosystem by Mary Mattingly with the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de la Habana and the Bronx Museum of the Arts Arctic Food Forest is a regenerative, edible perennial food forest for the Anchorage Museum. Planted with Zone 5 and 6 foods to ready for a warming climate in Alaska, this project is by Mary Mattingly. Objects Unveiled (Cobalt) is an exhibition by Mary Mattingly at University of Michigan's Institute for the Humanities.
Wading Bridge, Des Moines, 2015 Pull (Havana), 2015 Arctic Food Forest, Anchorage, 2016 Objects Unveiled (Cobalt), 2016
Mary Mattingly, House and Universe WetLand is a project by Mary Mattingly Mary Mattingly, Blockades, Boulders, Weights photographs.
House and Universe, 2013 Proposals, 2013 - 2014 WetLand, 2014 - 2016 Blockades, Boulders, Weights, 2014
Mary Mattingly, Mary Mattingly, First Light Last Light Mary Mattingly, Triple Island
Own It, Ongoing FIRST LIGHT/ LAST LIGHT Triple Island, 2013 Flock House PS62 Staten Island, 2017
Mary Mattingly, Anatomy of Melancholy Mary Mattingly, Waterpod
Tools, 2008-2012 The Anatomy of Melancholy, ongoing The Waterpod Project, 2006 - 2010 Flock House (Omaha), 2014
Mary Mattingly, WPA, smARTpower, Manila, Philippines Mary Mattingly, WPA Mary Mattingly, After Candide
WPA Manila, 2012 Wearable Portable Architecture, 2011 Flock House Project (NYC), 2012-2013

After Candide, 2010

Mary Mattingly, Nomadographies Mary Mattingly, Second Nature Mary Mattingly, The Stage
Nomadographies, 2007-2009 Fore Cast, 2006 Second Nature 2004-2008 Video and Archive, various years

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