Watershed Core in Prospect Park, Brooklyn is a living system that mimics New York's drinking watershed

Watershed Core opens in Prospect Park, Brooklyn after A Year of Public Water

Installation view: Mary Mattingly, Public Water: Watershed Core, 2021, sculpture, 144 x 144 x 120 inches. Prospect Park, New York, 2021. Courtesy +More Art.

Watershed Core, a 10ft tall geodesic dome, is designed as a structural ecosystem covered in native plants that filter water in a gravity-fed system that mimics the geologic features of the watershed: New York Times by Martha Schwendener, Brooklyn Rail by Julie Riess, New York Times by Melissa Smith, Dezeen by Jane Englefield, Metropolis by Jane Levere.

It concludes A Year of Public Water

Watershed Core, 2021 by Mary Mattingly with +More Art in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Photo: Manuel Molina Martagon.

A Year of Public Water

A Year of Public Water, 2020. Digital Campaign sharing histories of NYC’s drinking watershed from deep time to today. Part of the Public Water project with +More Art and Prospect Park Alliance. Images courtesy of +More Art



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