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Ecotopian Library is a long term project that stems from the belief that art and ecotopian thought can be part of cultivating systemic social change. The toolkit combines disciplines of forestry, botany, art, literature, and the sciences asking people who classify themselves as artists, scholars, librarians, neighbors, scientists, indigenous knowledge holders, and writers to contribute stories, objects, digital files, experiences, or books to build a toolkit for regenerative futures within climate change. I look at each thing as a tool for sensing through and building upon.

The Ecotopian Library was supported by the University of Colorad at Boulder's Art Museum (CUAM), and was on view at the CUAM through July 2020.

It is currently on view at the Hudson Area Library in Hudson, NY as well as the Museum London in London, Ontario, curated by Patric Mahon and Jeff Thomas. The London Public Library will carry a permanent Ecotopian Library section inspired by the exhibition.

An Ecotopian Library "Reading Room" made entirely of objects will be at the Cuenca Biennial in Ecuador in December 2021 and later in Arizona State University's Contemporary Art Museum curated by Mark Dion and Heather Lineberry. Since it is place-based and it travels, it accumulates tools as it moves.

Mark Villerreal, Airport Plans

Core, CU Map Library

Ecotopian Library: Geology

Fossils, Erin Espile

Soil Stories, Paul Harris, CU Map Library

Paul Harris, Stoned Thinking

Ecotopian Library, Soil Stories

Ecotopian Library, "Last Library"

Blair Butterfield, Learning to Love

Erin Espile

Ecotopian Library: Ecosophy

Lorna Simpson, Three Wishbones

Specimens, Western University, London

Butterfield and Books, Museum London

E. Phelps Meyer, Each Day, Water

London Public Library

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