Because For Now There is Still Poetry
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Because For Now There is Still Poetry are stories assembled to cast a spotlight on the lands that carry the scars of extraction from mining and chemical cultivation. Strategic minerals necessary for national defense and military operations or those used for cultivating land are isolated and expanded on, from Mosaic mines in Florida that harvests phosphate to Eagle Mine in Michigan that harvests cobalt. These same minerals are also essential to the production of photography. Through still lives, this work focuses on the contradictions in photography and pieces together ever-ending maps of logistics, harvesting, transportation, manufacturing parts, money and the needs that make up the supply chain of strategic minerals as a way to comprehend nature morte that has been always been traditionally captured through painting, photography, zoological and botanical illustration.

Silence Contained for Years, 2018

Ash Flower, 2018

Between Bears Ears and Daneros Mine

Phosphate Mine, 2018

Held My Breath and Didn't Hear Anything (still life)

On Being Blue, 2017

Act Without Words, 2016

Ore Transfer Station, 2016

Endgame, 2018

Eagle Mine, 2016

Manufacturing A Rise And Fall, 2018

Enough Is When Is Enough, 2018

Eagle Mine in the Morning, 2016

Over and Over and, 2018

Abandoned Mine Texas, 2017

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