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The Stars Down to Earth, 2017

The Stars Down to Earth, 2017

The Stars Down to Earth is a "bundle" sculpture I made in 2017 based on clothing and fabric scraps left behind by S. when she returned to Mexico.

After many years of reflection, I found the courage to create the first bundle. It was the beginning of a journey crafting sculptures from the objects I hold dear, imbuing them with my memories to share new stories.

In 2013, I bundled nearly everything I depended on and pulled these bundles through the streets of NYC in absurd performances. These performances vividly illuminated the weight these objects bear, from their mining origins to their journey through production and distribution, revealing the pain and struggle intrinsic to mass production, and my own consumption. 

The Stars Down to Earth is a spherical bundle, 9 in x 10 in and weighs three pounds. This bundle serves as a daily reminder to live thoughtfully and poetically, remembering that everything matters.

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