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Dr. John Francis - a role model

"The environment is how we treat each other." Dr. John Francis changed my life.

Dr. John Francis, a National Geographic Education Fellow, is known as "the Planetwalker." Over two decades, he abstained from using motorized transportation. This remarkable feat is chronicled in his autobiography titled "Planetwalker."

Dr. Francis serves as the program director for Planetwalk, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues. Through Planetwalk, he is actively involved in developing an educational curriculum targeting K-12 students. They focus on promoting environmental literacy. Driven by his passion, he seeks not only to impart knowledge about the natural world but also to highlight the interconnectedness of our human environment. Planetwalk firmly believes that our treatment of each other can serve as a model for our treatment of the Earth, emphasizing the importance of human behavior in protecting the Earth. 

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