Art is Everything.

Considering a commission?

As an artist who appreciates collaboration, I understand the power of working closely with individuals and institutions. It's about the shared experience, the stories we build together, and the impact we leave behind. My schedule for consultations opens in July 2024.

Pollinator Color Field

This Color Field is growing pollinator plants including Blazing Star, Aster, Coneflower, and Lupine, and changes color hues with the seasons. It evolved from my time as an artist-in-residence at Monet's Garden and was co-designed with the clients.

Soft Sculpture

Based on the Bundle Sculptures, this commission utilized cherished but unusable objects to make a small sculpture for reflection.

Edible Labyrinth

Living sculptures take time. This edible labyrinth garden is made from vining fruits and took three growing seasons to complete. The purpose of this labyrinth is to be contemplative for both the mind and body and to reference more religious Roman histories.

Flock House

Learning how to make small living systems was why I pursued this Flock House commission with the city of New York. This portable ecosystem cleans rainwater and also asks people to learn from portable habitats that contrast with general surroundings while providing space for the imaginary.

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