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Why Bundles?

Mary Mattingly's Brooklyn Museum exhibition Soft Sculpture Bundle SculptureFor years, I've been making bundle sculptures, these are bundles of peoples possessions.
I initiate symbolic performances in NYC, where I bundle my essential possessions into large sculptures and pulled them through New York City streets. Because of the enormous size of the bundles, these performances are absurd. They also shed light on the weight of the objects, literally and metaphorically.
Through these performances, people started to ask me to transform some of their possessions, things that they had held onto but that they were ready to do something important with. 
Now I take on three new commissions each year. I work with art collectors to bundle their intimate possessions into a formal sculpture. Together, we determine which items need to be seen and which should be obscured. Finally, I work with color and form to build their sculpture. 
Email me to join the waitlist.
Soft sculpture, bundle sculpture sphere in blue and red
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"The act is part of a project Mattingly embarked on over the course of several months, during which she painstakingly documented every object in her possession, traced its origins to manufacturing plants and supply chains, and recorded her findings on a website she created, own-it.us."
Mary Mattingly in her studio bundle sculptures in the background film still art21
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