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Embracing the Absurd: Contemporary Absurdities, Existential Crises, and Visual Art Edited by Katherine Guinness and Charlotte Kent

In the tempest of contemporary life, art remains a steadfast compass—a tool to navigate the human condition. As an artist and observer of the dance between art and life, I am honored to share a slice of my world with you: my contribution to "Contemporary Absurdities, Existential Crises, and Visual Art," is a chapter titled "From Planetary Core to the High Seas."

I was able to work with esteemed writers/editors Katherine Guinness and Charlotte Kent, and imagine the quandaries of this age and those past, exploring absurdity as an anchor to times of tumult and a mode for reflection. "From Planetary Core to the High Seas," is an invitation to engage with the intricate, interconnected, complicitous and often confounding realities of our contemporary existence.

Absurdity in Artistic Expression

The book itself is a compendium of ideas that challenge the status quo of understanding and interpreting art. "Contemporary Absurdities, Existential Crises, and Visual Art" reframes absurdity not as just folly, but as a mirror reflecting the maelstroms of contemporary life. It posits that through this confrontation, humans may find a unique lexicon that helps articulate the unarticulated churn of our societal and internal landscapes.

Each chapter is a thread leading the way through the disquiet of the present to pose a simple yet important question: What happens when we face the absurd head-on? Could what appears nonsensical reveal the most incisive truths about our environment, politics, and inner selves?

An Introspection into Modern Crises Through Art

As the absurdity in art addresses the existential crises of our time, it also offers an embrace, acknowledging our shared vulnerability and the potential for transformation. The absurd thus becomes the crucible where existentialism and environmentalism intersect, forging a narrative that speaks to the resilience and ingenuity required to forge a path through the wilderness of contemporary challenges.

The Path Forward: Contemplation and Action

Embracing the absurd in art is not just an intellectual exercise—it's a call for reflection and action. In my opinion, it's an invitation to ponder deeply on our environmental impact, our patterns of consumption, and our cultural narratives. Our collective willingness to engage with the questions posed marks the dawn of our capacity to engender real transformation—both within and without. 

The absurd beckons us to peer into its depths and emerge, not unscathed, but undeniably enlightened. I extend my gratitude to Katherine Guinness, Charlotte Kent, and the reader and introspective seeker. 

I love this book. 


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