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Lacrima, Trento ITALY

Lacrima is a water clock. It theoretically measures climatic time, in particular that of the Dolomites and the Marmolada glacier. It is a slow performance, an invitation to reflect on the glacier waters that are draining away, on the earth that soaks up this valuable resource, on the water tables that safeguard it in the ground and in time, and on the importance of ancient traditions that are the custodians of our relationship with water. It is a sculpture and participatory performance that Mary Mattingly co-created for the MUSE as the result of her period of residency and her many discussions with the museum’s scientists—and all those who took part in the Un vaso per Mary workshop with the vases made during the event." - MUSE, Trento, ITALY

Lacrima by Mary Mattingly at MUSE, Trento, ITALY

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