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New York Magazine Interview

Artist Mary Mattingly in a New York Magazine Interview.

New York-based Artist Mary Mattingly creates pieces about consumption and ecology by doing things like tying up all her belongings into five-foot-wide bundles, planting a floating vegetable garden, and conducting a yearlong public research project on New York’s drinking-water systems. Her latest obsession is the pickerelweed, a tall, salt-tolerant edible plant with broad green leaves and lavender flowers that is found throughout the city’s waterways. “It’s a good option for thinking through what can grow in New York in a future where we’re contending with more sea-level rise,” she says, adding that the spinach-like leaves and stalks have medicinal purposes. It’s also the subject of her Biosphere installation in “Food in New York: Bigger Than the Plate,” a new exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York open through September 2023. - Curbed

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