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Rosehip Photo Developer - Art & Ecology / DIY Photography

Rosehips contain polyphenols, which have applications for film and photo development. Download PDF for instructions.

Rosehip photo developer recipe

Rosehips are packed with vitamins and minerals and are considered a superfood. They resemble small apples and crab apples. They are tart and rich in vitamin C. Some basics about rosehips: They support immune systems, reduce inflammation, and promote heart and cardiovascular health. They have been historically used for cold and flu prevention. They can be used to treat atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, allergies, and wounds. They can also be dried for a vitamin-rich infusion and are beneficial for bladder issues, and kidney problems. Rosehip powder is useful for joint pain and arthritis due to its galactolipid content. Rosehips soothe the throat and digestive tract, while also having mild laxative effects. Rosehips are high in pectin, which aids in detoxification. I dry them and try to eat some every day. Rosehips can be processed into jam or enjoyed raw. The outer flesh is tasty, but the inner seeds should be avoided. They can be dried and consumed as tea or boiled for a stronger brew.

I’d read that the polyphenols in rosehips could be used in the photo development process, so, when the timing is right, I collect enough ripe rosehips to develop photographs. The initial recipe I started using was from” but I’ve made modifications over time.

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