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Personal notes from the studio: what is art?

What is art?

I try to make a habit of writing every morning. Recently my writing has been focused on these collages. I make them by photographing plants I place in a fish tank; cutting, reconfiguring, scanning, and overlaying photographic images; stitching them together digitally, and then reprinting them.
The work in progress below with a moon and sun describes a thriving garden in all of its diversity through illness, decay, and resilience. Illness, decay, and resilience are also inherent in a human body.
sun and moon photographic painting collage by mary mattingly
work in progress
This collage and the one below are emerging as discreet spaces, but also as reflections on my own body, after undergoing a series of operations.
mary mattingly collage of a blue room dripping still life

work in progress

Initially, I wanted to make this blue-drenched still life to reflect the experience of living in my last apartment. The building was in disrepair and water was entering the unit through the walls during extreme rain events. Homes hold our bodies, and can also reflect them. Both of these pieces mirror cycles of life, decay, and regeneration.

I would be remiss if I did not also note that this collage art was also driven my time in Socrates Sculpture Park

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