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Daily Bundle Sculptures

After living ascetically for bouts of time including living on the Waterpod and growing up without much, I bundled the objects I had been carrying with me into seven large boulders, making sense of a monumental flow of goods through my life. These bundle sculptures made way for a daily practice of bundling discarded objects together as a way to keep time.

In NYC the collaborative monument of waste and discarded objects are seen on sidewalks daily, sometimes in piles tall enough I can’t see beyond them. That work changed my life in many ways. Since then I’ve worked with communities all over the US, and some people have given me meaningful objects to tell stories with...

I still wonder what is less absurd, bundling the objects in my temporary possession to point to my own consumption, or the sheer volume of objects added to landfills everyday?mary mattingly, bundle sculptures, bundles, contemporary art, visual art

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