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Limnal Lacrimosa, 2022

Limnal Lacrimosa, 2022

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Immerse yourself in the world of Limnal Lacrimosa, an awe-inspiring installation I created in the picturesque town of Kalispell, Montana. This signed photograph measuring 12" x 12", titled Limnal Lacrimosa, was inspired by Kōbō Abe's thought-provoking novel, The Woman in the Dunes. Just as the characters in the book endlessly removed sand from a building, I sought to encapsulate the relentless pace of geologic transformations in the remarkable Glacier National Park—an homage to the concept of Glacial Time. I was driven to capture the essence of slow, yet perpetual change. 

Collecting snow melt and rainwater from the building's roof, I orchestrated a sound-filled installation that resulted in this photograph. By intricately cycling the water through tubing positioned just below the ceiling, the installation evoked the sensation of rainfall within the confines of the building. The echoes of droplets hitting lachrymatory vessels resonated throughout the space, enveloping viewers in a serene auditory experience. As time unfolded, the vessels filled, spilling water onto the floor before the cycle repeated itself—a dance synchronized with the changing seasons. In colder months, the drips would slow their rhythm, while warmer months infused the space with a vibrant pulse.

This limited edition photograph, printed in a series of only 25 and framed in a simple, elegant white wooden frame, encapsulates the essence of Limnal Lacrimosa. It is a testament to the profound connection between art, nature, and the human spirit—a connection that I invite you to be a part of. By owning this artwork, you become a custodian of a story about the eternal dance of water and time.

50% of proceeds go to the Swale project

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