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Last Light/First Light, 2008

Last Light/First Light, 2008

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For over twenty years, I have devoted myself to capturing the elusive beauty of light that unfolds on the shortest day of the year. I venture in search of locations boasting a seamless horizon stretching both east and west. Sometimes, I find solace in revisiting sites, nurturing a profound connection with the evolving landscape. I patiently observe as light edges toward disappearance, and then stay awake to witness its return in the morning. The cross is born from the serendipity of shooting a roll of 2 1/4 film at dusk and reusing the same roll at dawn, a process full of chance. The deliberate 90-degree rotation echoes the rotation of our planet as it moves in sync with the sun.

Last Light/First Light commenced in the year 2000 on the West Coast of the United States. It stands as a tangible testament to light and time through the years. This photograph is the outcome of a double exposure, woven on December 21st and 22nd, 2008.

This limited edition consists of only 25 prints, each signed on the verso and framed with a refined white wooden frame. By acquiring one of these editions, you assume the role of a custodian, entrusted with carrying forth a visual narrative that offers a connection to the elements.

50% of the proceeds support Swale!

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