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Heavenly Bodies: Soft Sculpture | Textile Sculpture

Heavenly Bodies: Soft Sculpture | Textile Sculpture

Heavenly Bodies is a "bundle" sculpture I made in 2019 from one hour of discarded clothing and remnants of returns to an anonymous department store in New York City.

In 2013, I bundled nearly everything I depended on, and I pulled those bundles through the streets of NYC in absurd performances. The performances were meant to share the weight that those objects bear, from their mining origins to their journey through production and distribution, revealing the pain and struggle intrinsic to mass production, and my own consumption. 

Heavenly Bodies is a spherical bundle made of fabric and buttons. It is approximately 12 in x 14 in and weighs five pounds. This bundle asks for contemplation within the speed of daily life, and serves as a reminder that everything matters. 

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